Friday, October 21, 2005

Clapotis eludes me!

I struggle perpetually with the curse of indecisiveness.

Last night I lay awake thinking about the clapotis I am going to knit. For those of you unfamiliar with the infamous clapotis, here is the original clapotis. But there are a thousand others, each different from all the others, because of the infinite fibers available from which to make the clapotis, each gorgeous and special in its own right. For example, Jess has a divine clapotis on Fig & Plum. There has even been poetry devoted to clapotis.

My difficulty lies in choosing the yarn and the colours with which to conjure up my very own, very special, clapotis. I think I will either go with Mystical Creations yarn in a silk merino, or the original clapotis yarn, Lorna's Lace Lion & Lamb in one of these colours.

But I cannot decide among them. They are all so lucious, but it's hard to visualize them as clapotis. I want blue, definitely blue, dominant blue, turquoisey blue, with maybe some greens and a touch of purple, but I don't want purple to dominate. There is too much purple in my life these days, and not enough blue.


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