Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Slow progress

You know, until July I was making decent progress towards the goal of running a marathon. I was steadily increasing my weekly mileage, and was running 45 minutes 3 times a week, and 2 hours every Sunday. It was great. But then I started getting this stupid pain in my hip…it wasn’t excruciating or anything, but I was concerned about ignoring it and letting it get worse, so I went to see a physiotherapist.

She’s very sweet and I like her, but man, she’s a taskmaster. Every week she piles on some new exercises I have to incorporate into my hip-strengthening regime. It’s a good thing she hasn’t let me run during the course of treatment, cause who has time to run when they’re doing hip exercises from dawn to dusk every day? I’m gonna have hips of steel by the time Judith is finished with me!

Anyway…she says I can start slowly incorporating some walk/run sessions back into my life, twice a week for now. So, optimistically, I’m hoping to do a half-marathon in May, and a full marathon the following May.


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