Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Making a mess

Ever have one of those weeks where you should just keep your hands away from the knitting needles because you're just making a mess, and every time you try to fix the mess you make it worse? I keep putting aside my projects as I mess them up, with the aim of taking them to my knitting goddess, Penelope, who will not only magically fix them, but make it look easy too. Usually I only have to take her one mess a week, but I'm up to three this week.

I think I'm just being careless because I'm preoccupied with the impending crisis at work. The funding situation is ominous - and I say this as an incurable optimist.

You'd think it would be easy to be a non-profit organization...all you have to do is not make a profit. But jeez louise, that's the easy part. Getting enough money so you can keep the staff so you can do quality work is starting to seem almost pie-in-the-sky unrealistic. Non-profit organizations are spending a lot of resources just trying to survive, let alone carry out their missions. Fifteen years ago they were laying off deadwood. Now they're cutting good workers with solid commitments to their organizations' values and mission. It's sad. And for those of us who work in the sector, it's scary.


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